Welcome to the Chalmers Zen Farm

Cory and Kathryn Chalmers first knew they wanted to have property, animals, vegetable gardens, and a weekend retreat after first visiting Peltzer Farms in Temecula California in the spring of 2011. Cory surprised Kathryn with the trip for her birthday, giving her the Nikon professional camera she had been coveting for so long. Kathryn was ecstatic about her beautiful birthday present and the surprise weekend get-away. It was also that weekend on Peltzer Farms, that Cory proposed to Kathryn, declaring his undying love for her, asking if she would be his wife, growing old and spending the rest of her life with him. Kathryn was shocked. The beautiful birthday present and the farmhouse they were staying in on Peltzer Farms was already fantastic and nothing could have made the weekend more perfect, except for the sudden and unexpected proposal from Cory. Kathryn said "YES" while Cory slipped a beautiful three-carat sapphire and diamond ring on her finger...and, so the fairy tale continued. It was on that weekend, walking around the farm while sipping on local wine that they have the fondest memories. They spent their weekend petting the pygmy goats, watching the chickens roam freely, looking at the vegetable garden that had been freshly planted, and walking amongst the old John Deere tractors parked on the side of the farm that had been left over from a bygone era. From this experience, and Kathryn's childhood of growing up around horses, goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits, dogs, and cats that they set out on a search for their very own Peltzer Farm. Just a few short months later, Cory and Kathryn moved to a piece of property nestled against the San Gabriel Foothills in Southern California. 

In the fall of 2015, Cory and Kathryn decided to move up their timeline of moving to the San Valley Idaho area upon Cory's retirement. After vacationing there many times, they decided that waiting for "one day" to come might not happen. Realizing that life should be lived and enjoyed in the present tense. After looking at numerous homes in the area, they finally found the perfect home on 5 acres, nestled against the soft rolling hills, a place where when the sun sets it casts a warm glow in the entire valley. With a full range of Nordic winter sports and lots of spring and summer activities, the Chalmers now enjoy a more active lifestyle, at a much slower pace for their everyday life.
The Chalmers also own four rescue dogs that they adopted from the animal shelter, Holly, the German Shepherd mix, Lucky, the Dachshund/Rat Terrier mix, and Bear, the Great Pyrenees, Bear was dumped at a local construction site a week before their move to Sun Valley, and finally Bella, a pure breed German Shepherd that they adopted from the Westside German Shepherd Rescue in the Los Angeles area.
Welcome to the Chalmers Farm, a place of Zen where the dogs, cats, and numerous free range chickens all live in peace, and a retreat that is solace for Cory after a long day at work.
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